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Spring 2002 Class Notes


Mark W. Dick

P.O. Box 210
Flint Hill, VA  22627


Greetings Brother Rats,

I was putting together class notes, reviewing some old pictures of Break Out 1987 and reveling on the class of 1990 birthday.  My dyke, Bo Johnson '87, was none other than borderline genius.  Although I am in some of the most compromising pictures, many of you are in there also and probably would like to see them.  I plan on having all 300 of them scanned, so Rick Neff can get them on the 1990 home page.  They had been in storage for many years and luckily survived seven PCS moves in 12 years.

The spring gauntlet has three new class notes' members who receive the Andy Conville "Get Me in Class Notes Award."  First up, Jon (Johnny Love) Washington.  Ghetto Warrior is living in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, home of Iron City beer, and is married to Pamela Pugliano.  John and Pam have two children: Nicollete and John Fabian.  John is a mortgage broker, and Pam is with Continental Airlines.  John is also coaching football for Gateway High School.  Next up is Chris Callahan.  Chris is in Long Island and was concerned his name may never be in the class notes. Up the IRONS! Raynor Garey checked in from Operation Enduring Freedom.  Raynor sent in a great picture of himself with USAF Chief of Staff, Gen. John Jumper '66, and Brent McManis '86 at an undisclosed location. [The photo appeared in the Alumni Front section of the winter 2002 Alumni Review.] You all may vote for this edition's sexiest gauntlet runner at the 1990 home page. I personally voted for Princess Fiona.

I spoke to Don Bowers.  Don, Stacey and Nate are doing well in Harrisonburg where Don is with Rockingham Memorial Hospital as an accountant.  Don said that Tim Whitt is building houses and developing real estate in the Richmond area.  Tim is well on his way to making a fortune so he can by out Dan Snyder and bring our mighty Redskins back to the Super Bowl.  Mike Mullori checked in and was looking for Scott Spellmeyer.  Hopefully, I can find Spelly, so he and Mike can make a road trip up from some fall fun.

Joe Kennebeck called to check in.  Joe is in San Francisco and was well into his dart game and blasting Jerry Garcia in the background.  Some people have it too good.  Greg Hatchett call to chit chat a few weeks ago.  Greg is with the Department of Energy working on nuclear energy safety and protection.  I trust Greg, but how did Bill Ator become deputy commander at Space Command?  Karen, Alex, and I have signed on for a summer beach trip with Bill and Suzy Ator, Jeff and Tammy Moushegian, and Tim and Sally Feagans.  Donations and free legal counsel are being accepted in advance.

Tom West e-mailed in.  Tom wanted to tell John Golden hello.  John is working at the Pentagon for the Marine Corps.  There is new information on (The Enigma) ... one Peter Tunnard, who, like the Baltimore Colts, vanished into the night from Virginia.  Rumor has it that Pete and Ana are now in Orlando.  Pete is with Exxon Mobile and, from sources I cannot disclose (i.e., Matt Tederick '89), I hear that Pete is involved with putting Exxon One-Stop Gas centers on every neighborhood corner.  Glad to see Pete learned something from microeconomic theory from Col. Daley.  I will shame him into calling me to catch up.  Ed Swanson sent me an e-mail from Altus AFB.  Ed is a KC-135 Instructor and ran into Rob Hays.  Rob is switching over from navigation to co-pilot and is in initial qualification school.  Rob and Ed, two members of 1990, in a $54-million dollar aircraft.  First Bill Ator, now Ed Swanson and Rob Hays.  Next it will be Rob Clark and Dave Walsh presidential ticket in 2004.  Somebody tell me what is going on in the Air Force?  I cannot wait for the congressional hearings.

I hope I did not leave anyone out.  Please get the word out for BRs to contact me for class notes and update your information with the alumni offices.  Karen and I invite anyone in the area to stop in at the farm when they can.  VMI will play a 12-game schedule this fall and the VMI vs. The Citadel game is scheduled for Charlotte, North Carolina.  I propose a class/Corps trip where we all stay at Jeff Paul's house.

Happy Easter! 90!


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