VMI Class of 90


Spring 1997 Class Notes


Mark S. Cunningham

9300 Windy Cove Circle
Apt. L
Richmond, VA 23294


Greetings, Brother Rats! Hope this finds all of you doing well in the New Year. The time seems to go by faster and faster as we age. We have received correspondence from quite a few Brother Rats over the past few months:

Peter Mantz and his wife, JoAnne, have returned to VMI and Peter is working in the Navy ROTC department. I spoke recently with Paul Holland. Paul is still in the D.C. area and mentioned that John King is now working as a sales representative for IOX Corporation in Chicago and is doing extremely well for himself.

Gordy Byrne and his wife, Lia, dropped a line. Gordy is about to graduate from chiropractic school, and he recently received his second degree, a bachelor of science in nutrition, from Life College.

Quill Heally is engaged to be married in October to Jennifer L. Wright. Tony Zang and wife, Lisa, are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Elena Marie. They are doing well in Atlanta.

Hunter Lyons is working Mobile, Alabama, for Gulf City Body and Trailer Works as vice president in charge of operations. Chip McWilliams and his wife, Kristin, are expecting their first child. Chip keeps in touch with Chris Larlee, Scott Spellmeyer, and Bill Arnold. Chip noted that on a recent jump from a C-130, who was at the controls but Pat Poon. Chip advised he gave them a good ride.

Chris Chretien is currently working on a master's in computer information systems and working as a Systems Engineer in the Air Force. Fritz Schrichte has started a company in Washington, DC, called D.C. Technology. Fritz is keeping busy trying to recruit international representatives for his company and selling computer services. According to Fritz, it is a shame that some coed school stole our name.

John Burleson has decided to leave the corporate world. John and his wife, Sarah, have bought a small sheep farm just outside of Lexington and are raising sheep and using the farm house as a bed and breakfast. If you are in the area, stop and look them up.

I periodically see Terrence Kerner and the Richmond gang. All seem to be doing well. I (Mark) am getting married in May and just bought a house. Oh, the joys of growing up. Hope everyone is doing well and look forward to hearing from all of you.


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