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Winter 2003 Class Notes


Mark W. Dick

P.O. Box 210
Flint Hill, VA  22627


Greetings Brother Rats

I hope the Holidays found all of you and your families happy and healthy. I have a few announcements to start off with prior to getting to the deluge of information that has poured in since the last Alumni Review was published. I was happy to see the “I” finally get one out quick. On the back side, shame on me.

I have asked Hunter Trumbo to come in and take over as class agent for our class. Competing priorities, especially military, currently leave me little and most often no time to being effective for the class or for VMI. Hunter is a great VMI legacy and I know everyone will support him. This is job for someone like Hunter, we are really blessed to have he and Stacy willing to come in and serve the class. Hopefully sometime down the road I can serve you all again. Hunter’s Information is listed below:

R. Hunter Trumbo
719 S. Alfred St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
H - (703)549-5381
W - (703)276-2221

Also, please ensure you keep your information updated with VMI. If you want pictures printed in the Alumni Review, provisional appointments, publications of degrees, births, weddings etc. Send them to the Alumni Review office. It will ensure that they do not get lost in the mix and your information is not delayed by some short, balding, OOMPA LOOMPA class agent.

For my last set of Class notes, None of you will be left unscathed. Below is an excerpt from my emails back and forth and out to several BRs that I hope you all will take as humorous. This is for fun. Thanks to all. MWD 90!

Mark’s Notes and Dartboard: Cleaner version for the Alumni Review. John Golden writes:

"Mark, What happened to our class notes, “XXX”? And after I gave you the scoop on your hay-tying Rat roommate's desire never to appear in the Alumni  Review. Oh, I ran into Gen. John Jumper '66, the Air Force Chief of Staff, in the Pentagon Athletic Club on Thursday. I was on my way out to run and saw an  older guy in VMI PT shorts so I asked him what class he was from. He  replied, "1966. I then almost poked him in the chest and said, "Hey, you are  General Jumper, aren't you?" He said he was, I then introduced myself and  quickly changed the subject. He was on his way down to the "I" that night  for Ring Figure. Blah, blah, blah and I pulled chocks at the first available  opportunity. Hope things are well with you. I just wanted to take a minute to  poke you in the eye about the class notes...and, no, I don't want the job either." 

John, I am publishing your name, email, and names of your children. I taunt you a second time. I am going to sick Sal Bora, Pete Finan, and Minter Ralston on you. Regardless, way to further your career with General Jumper. He obviously was so impressed your still working in Reserve Affairs. 

I have suckered Hunter Trumbo into taking it, One word about Hunter…SEXY!! You or Jim Cox were potential next victims on my list for the duty but all I had to do was take one look at Hunter and it was a done deal sports fan. 

Obviously my group of friends is limited. Those hunks Rob Uhorchuk and Don Bowers, they never call anymore. I just need to face it its about priorities. I got married, and you saw Karen, she’s a looker Baby! Guess what I am doing with my time.

We need someone with pizzazz, for our class agent. How about that exciting Charlie Plageman guy ? He can get Hunter Shirey, Mark Cunningham, his BR/ Brother-in-Law the known enigma Buddy Garbett, and knock out class notes. They would love to do it (same thing they said to me when I took this job on the way to the W&L-VMI game, RAH! Budweiser! I accepted) and about my roommate Todd Jacobs tying me up in my hay. That’s low and it really sounds bad, except for Todd. I knew I was sexier than Mary. I just knew it!!! 

"Losing Jeff Moushegian Story". Karen and I spent a week at the beach in a house with: Jeff and Tammy Moushegian, Bill and Suzy Ator, and Tim and Sally Feagans ... 8 adults and 10 kids. You do the math (that’s 18 people). I could not even keep this organized enough not to lose Jeff Moushegian, after crab hunting, and I mean lost. I figure Jeff was a Ranger, he can find his way home. Sure, it might have taken 2 hours, but there we were combing through yards, gathering intel from folks like “you looking for the guy with a dip in his mouth and a Jack and Coke….He went that way”. Which at least was North. In the words of the immortal Robert Ator, "Jeff Moushegian…Ranger Sexy!!" I am glad that all of the kids survived w/o any major injuries, parents as well.

Class notes memorable story. I like to win Big!! Greg Hatchet, Mario Small, Coley Rice and VMI track. How many SoCon Indoor/Outdoor titles did they win? Some obscene number like six in four years. I know am just waxing nostalgic but you have to say Hatch blasting past Frankie Allen of App. State in the 100 Meter SoCon Track and Field final was one of the greatest moments in VMI sports history; especially as Hatch turns and says to him, "Gotcha!" As he blew by him for the “W”.

The rest are class notes from Hunter and Mark:

It seems that the class of '90 has had a flood of new kids recently. I'm sure I'm missing a bunch, but here are the ones I've heard about first-hand: Hunter Schinstock arrived in May 01, and Keegan Lanzillotta joined the family in November 01. Madison Schinstock and Morgan Lanzillotta are excited about being big sisters. Evan Hahn was born in September down in Louisiana where John is in the Coast Guard. Joseph Patton Crist was born in South Korea in June 01, moved to Virginia in November 01, and was joined by James Hunter Crist on November 02. Other 2002 babies include Owen Chenery (May), Jacob Trumbo (June), and Ethan Conville (who joined his sisters Morgan and Abbey in September).

In other news, I've heard from Brett Turner's wife, Cyndi, a few times. Brett has been on a scenic tour of Afghanistan. Rob and Laura Clark paid us a visit in October as they escaped the early Minnesota snows. He's run into a few other VMI folks working for ADC Telecom, including BR Matt Hemenez.

The Navy took Sean Carty and his family out to Widbey Island in Washington State this summer, and he ran into Brian Albro almost immediately upon his arrival. Jim Hynes has just been reassigned with U.S. Customs to the Gulf Customs Management Center in New Orleans, but we hope to have him back in D.C. within a few years. Pat O'Leary and I passed each other doing the "Alumnus Run for Rack" about a month ago, and it turns out we live 4 blocks from each other. Pat is a patent attorney here in Old Town Alexandria. Pat said he periodically sees Pablo Martinez, who is assigned to the White House with the U.S. Secret Service.

Chuck Green checked in after the VMI win in Charleston his Play by Play is below. Enjoy.

“Chilton Morris, his wife, and I went to the game here in Charlotte; we had a great time despite getting soaked. They had to cancel the pre-game jump by the Golden Knights (they were supposed to jump in with the game ball) and they also cancelled a pre game fly over of Apache helos and unspecified Air Force aircraft, and I think the Marines must have cancelled out too, I didn't see them there (what's up with that, we're supposed to be amphibious!). The 82nd Airborne Chorus was there, and the VMI Regimental Band along with the Pipe and Drum Corps did the halftime show. Both Corps of Cadets marched into the stadium, I must say, VMI looked sharp, while the Citadel cadets were bee-bopping around and playing while they were marching. Someone definitely needs to get them in line! It was a good game, hard to believe the Keydets won more games this season than they did our entire cadetship! We saw Dave Yockel while we were there, along with some of our Rats in '93 (forgive me for forgetting their names, I'm terrible with that!) The Alumni Association did a great job with the pre-game chow and libations, we outdid the Citadel there too!  Our tailgate party area was about 3 times the size of The Citadel's, it looked like we had a better turnout too (I even saw a lot of "Citadel Class of xx" hats under our tent! I guess El Cid decided to hang out with some class! lol). I'll definitely go back next year. We intended to take some pics, but it was raining so hard we decided to leave the camera in the car. Maybe next year we'll have some to send in to you all.

We also made a road trip up to VMI the day before the game, they are letting alumni go back into the barracks again, we just have to sign in with the OD in the guardroom. The Corps was already gone, we did shoot the bull with the guard team for a while and checked out our old rooms before we left. I noticed the OD wasn't wearing keys, I wonder what's up with that? A lot had changed, but more remained the same; I guess that's how it always is. I believe Gen. Peay will be a good influence, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.”

Dave Osborne:

"Have set my calendar for the 15th of November in Charlotte. Talking with Stace, we think we are going to try for North Carolina this coming year for our annual vacation. I am finally starting to get a handle on this NASCAR sport: cars go fast, fastest car wins.... prefer the various Harley rallies, but hey! When in Oklahoma, do as Oklahomans do -- root for OU and watch cars go 'round in many circles! Haven't made major yet, but it will be nice. Will have to drive 3 hours to Enid to be on brigade staff before I can go back to battalion. As for call-ups, well -- our sister battalion is guarding the gates at Sill and at Carson, so if I'm not spending Easter with Mark Dick in downtown Baghdad, I'll be checking ID cards somewhere in CONUS (and praying it isn't at Tooele!). Doesn't really matter, I'm just wishing the powers that be would just get it over with. I'm already well trained in sitting around and thinking up 'enforced fun' and 'hip-pocket' training. Six of one, half dozen of the other. Did I mention my green-suiter (Army) boss is Lt. Col. John Haithcock, '81. He's great to work for!"

Tim Haynie wrote in from Colorado Springs.

"Glad to see a few of us are still resistant enough to stay in the military! Here's an update for the next Alumni News column. Still out here in Colorado Springs working for Army Space Command working with civil and commercial imagery. The job is going well and hope to be "deployed" shortly. Ran into Bill Ator at the Peterson AFB gym the other day. He is planning to rotate out from the Springs in a few months. I also got to see Lenny Carson and Chip Chenery last month while TDY to Washington, DC. Chip and Mary have a new baby boy, Owen and all are doing well. Had to unofficially confiscate Chip's truck in the interest of the US Army! Kids and wife, Susanna, are all doing well here in the Springs. Last Summer we went camping quite a bit and even survived a hike through Wyoming where we encountered four rattlesnakes (dog was not so lucky and took a bite on her leg...fully recovered, though!) We plan to be here for another two years and I continue to push to be a FA40 Space Operations Officer and leave the Engineer Corps."

Maria and Jim Dufford checked in with volcanic ash pictures of their house and car. You all may have seen pictures on the news, but 1/2 inch of ash all over everything is a pain.

Kenneth C. Robinson, checked in and violated all OOMPA LOOOMPA protocol by calling me an Army geek. He is just jealous because Dusty Crone and I have more hair.

Darren Payne wrote, "Hey Mark - I am down here in Alexandria at ATEC-Army Training and Evaluation Command. but I live down in Stafford (my hometown). Are you making strange bugs and viruses up there and testing them on rodents or what?" Darren obviously believes that I am conducting Dr Mengele experiments at FT Detrick. I promise you that I am not

Ashley Lionel “LT” Taylor is back . He is this set of notes “Gauntlet Runner” for first time, in along time, in class notes. He writes, "I wanted to send you a note for placement in our class update. My wife (Gail) and I have been blessed with a son, Julian Lawrence Taylor. Julian was placed with us on July 3rd of this year. We are also expecting a son on December 26th. We prayed for one and God blessed us with two. Also, did you know that Marshall Simpson has been returned to Richmond as part of a promotion with Owens and Minor. I hope this email finds its target. Talk to you soon."

Dave Walsh. In the Air Force, not in the Air Force. I believe Dave is free now, but after the Notre Dame debacle I have heard he has been unable to speak, call, write, send flowers. 

Bob Butler sent in a great note and writes:

"Hey Mark, Hope this note finds you doing well. When I was reading the class notes this weekend I realized that I'm way past due sending an update on the Butler family. Marcella and I live in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, Va. We have five wonderful children (3 girls and two boys): Kendal, Kelsey, Isaac, Daniel, and Anna. They are 8, 6 1/2, 5, 2, and 6 months, respectively. I have been working in Norfolk for 9 years with the American Funds, a Mutual Fund Company. I am a customer service supervisor. I work alongside Jim Henderson who is John Hahn's brother-in-law, so I often get updates on John. In the last year our family was able to spend time with John and Sarah Burleson at their home in Lexington. Keith Kornegay and his wife Laura visited one night for pizza. Keith and Laura recently had their first baby, Katelyn Marie, on June 17.I keep in contact with Foster Taliaferro. He and his wife, Tiffany, have three children. If it weren't for e-mail, it would be hard to keep up with Foster - he moves every few years - I believe with Martin Marietta.  A few months back I ran into Greg Sandway at church. What a nice surprise. I see Greg most weeks, and he is doing well."

Pete Tunnard lives and writes “Yes, we did relocate to sunny Orlando FL. As you know, we had about 35 days notice to sell our house, buy a new one and get the kids re-situated in Central FL so that I could assume a new job w/Exxon Mobile. All is well on this end but I do miss the weather in Virginia.”

As I wrap this up I have some very sad news to report to you all on two things. The first is for Ryan Foster. Ryan’s father was killed this past August while riding his Harley with his group. Many of you knew Mr. Foster and how much he admired, respected and loved VMI. Most of all how much he loved many of you, your sacrifices, and what you stood for as VMI men and as a Class.

From Ryan: 

"My father was killed over the weekend while out riding his Harley with some of his friends. Though he didn’t attend VMI, he was just as attached to the school as if he had. I think in the back of my mind he regretted never having the opportunity. We snuck him into barracks to spend the night once and he thought that was so cool. Many of my BR’s and other cadets came to love both my mom and dad. As you would expect from a cadet, most called him Mr. Foster but he went by Pat Foster. There were times you might find 10 to 20 cadets in their backyard partying, 4 hours away from Lexington! There were so many cadets that knew him that I have no idea how to track down all of them. After I moved out of my parents home, the Alumni Review continued to be mailed there. My dad enjoyed reading it so much I let them continue to go there and picked them up later second hand whenever he got through reading it. He would get a helluva kick out of seeing his name in there. If you could fit him in, it would mean a lot to me and at the same time give me a way to let so many others know about this tragic loss. I have something I wanted to toss out to you to see if you might be able to make a mention of it in our next class notes of the Alumni Review."

Ryan, here you go! 

Pat Foster, “First time Alumni Review Gauntlet Runner, VMI Class of 1990”.

Secondly, sincere condolences go out to Fred Minnegrode and family. Fred’s brother, Clark Minnegrode ’92, passed away this past weekend. Many of you knew Clark and what a great individual, cadet, and lacrosse player he was. William Clark Minnigerode, 32, died on Sunday, December 1, 2002. Clark was a1988 graduate of Walsingham Academy and a 1992 graduate of Virginia Military Institute, where he played varsity lacrosse. Clark was vice president of W.M. Jordan's Richmond Division and served on the company's Board of Directors. Clark was a member of the Young Executive Committee of the Associated General Contractors of Virginia. Clark is survived by his wife, Amy O'Neil Minnigerode; two daughters, Kippe Ghent Minnigerode and Mary Catherine Minnigerode; his father, Charles Ernest Minnigerode; brother, Fred Minnigerode; and two sisters, Amy Knowles and Emily Mahoney.

I hope everyone will keep the Foster and Minnegrode families in their thoughts and prayers.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for a really great experience as class agent. I will be assisting Hunter through transition with VMI. I want to especially thank Rick Neff who does so much to keep our web page updated.


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