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Our Breakout

On the morning of 18 March, 1987, we woke up meager little rats who had suffered through the ratline of 1987. Having endured sweat parties, rifle runs, stoop runs, the RDC, the sinks, and learning every detail of our now-worn Rat Bibles, we were close to the end of our journey. By that evening, we would no longer be rats, instead, we would become the

Class of 1990!

10 years ago, our class was officially born in barracks. To celebrate, here's some images to remember that glorious, yet muddy, day:

Image 1 - Getting "The Hill" Ready

Image 2 - What Awaited Us

Image 3 - Pressing Up The Hill

Image 4 - A Relaxing Dip In "The Pool"

Image 5 - The Final Stretch

Image 6 - Happy Campers

Image 7 - Welcome Class of 1990!

Image 8 - The Muddy Remains

Image 9 - The Class of 1990 Rules!

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