VMI Desktop Backgrounds

These 256 color backgrounds are 2 photos from the VMI post. Taken during our 10-year reunion. The .zip file contains .bmp files for 640x480, 800x600, & 1024x768 screen resolutions.

Download Here:
256 Color Backgrounds
(This backgrounds are in .zip format [1,395 Kb] so, you'll need WinZip or another unzipping utility.)

The 2 backgrounds are the VMI Barracks and Jackson Statue photos.  The versions I've shown below are from the Photo Gallery and aren't 100% to the scale of the backgrounds.  They're shown just to give you an idea of the subject material.  Keep in mind that the .zip file is pretty big, so please be patient during the download.

barracks.jpg (171474 bytes) VMI Barracks  
jackson.jpg (181718 bytes) Jackson Statue  

All images copyright (c)2000 Richard Neff

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