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A variety of .jpg photos from the VMI post. Taken during our 10-year reunion.

You'll just have to see this!!!
360 Degree Postcard of the VMI Post
(A 620Kb .exe file for Windows PCs created with PixMaker Lite)

barracks.jpg (171474 bytes) VMI Barracks (168Kb)
cinmon.jpg (124557 bytes) Cincinnatus Memorial (122Kb)
jackson.jpg (181718 bytes) Jackson Statue (178Kb)
marshall.jpg (133980 bytes) Marshall Statue (131Kb)
mourning.jpg (136483 bytes) Virginia Mourning Her Dead (134Kb)
parapit.jpg (115587 bytes) Parapet (113Kb)
suphouse.jpg (181084 bytes) Superintendent's House (177Kb)
washington.jpg (117325 bytes) Washington Statue (115Kb)

All images copyright (c)2000 Richard Neff

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