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2013 Class Notes #2

Rob Clark

3220 Xanthus Lane N.
Plymouth, MN 55447


Greetings, BRs, and I hope you are enjoying spring!

I'm happy to pass along that Paul Kricorian is on his way home from Afghanistan after a seven-month deployment. Paul was doing counter IED support in the theater. We are thankful he is returning safely, and we are all proud of his service and contribution!

Rich Mehl dropped me a line and let me know that he is now in Wilmington, NC. Rich retired from the Air Force a few years ago. At the time of his retirement, he was flying U2s out of Beale AFB, CA. Rich is now pulling much tougher duty as a stay-at-home dad with his 3-year-old, Alex. Rich's wife finished her doctorate recently, and she is teaching at UNC Wilmington. The Mehls are excited to be back on the East Coast, and he's looking forward to reconnecting with BRs in the area.

Rich's roommate, Daren Payne, wrote to say he has also been in contact with Rich and his other roommate, Sean Hoover. Sean is in Dallas and is splitting time in the Army Reserve with the 75th Division and the ATF. Daren is finishing up his battalion command this summer in Indianapolis and is expecting his next assignment soon -- most likely, Fort Stewart, GA. Their entire room is looking for Bill Ratliff, so check in soon, Bill!

Congratulations are in order for a number of our BRs.

Mike Herbaugh and his wife, Cheryl, had their first child, Declan Ford Herbaugh, who was born Dec. 1, 2012. Mike's been posting photos of Declan on Facebook, and he's a terrific looking little boy.

Janet Sandway e-mailed to let us know that Greg Sandway recently made O-6. He moved to Rota, Spain, for his new assignment in September 2012. Congrats, Greg!

Garrett Peck recently completed his fourth book entitled, The Smithsonian Castle and the Seneca Quarry. Garrett's been busy launching his book with tours, speaking events and signings. If you are in the D.C. area, Garrett give tours and book talks on the castle and the quarry. Make sure you pick up a copy of his book; his next one is already in the works. (Editor's Note: A book announcement about The Smithsonian Castle and the Seneca Quarry will appear in the Alumni News section of the 2013-Issue 3 Alumni Review, due out in early August.)

Weedon Gallagher checked in to let me know of his current transition. Weedon completed his tour with the 1297th Division of the Maryland Air National Guard. He is now on his way to the Army War College. Weedon's roomies, Mike Manning and Laurence Farrell, recently attended his Change of Command ceremony. Their entire room, including Mike Swanson, will be teaming up for a room reunion in Lexington.

Kelly Musick is also getting in a little advanced schooling at the Joint Advanced Warfighting School in Norfolk, VA. He indicates that the school is fairly tough, with a heavy workload, but he's making his way through it. He is joined in the school by Craig Price, who originally matriculated with 1989 and then returned with the class of 1993 after a stint in the Navy.

Pete Tunnard e-mailed to say that he and his family are now living in Fort Worth, TX. He lives a few blocks from Bill and Debbie Arnold and sees them often. Sounds like the personal connection has made the transition to Texas a good one.

Jeff Rawes made it down to the "I" for the VMI-Gardner Webb basketball game. He was able to see John Aydlette, Dave Bender, Matt Schwarzmann, Jeff Crist and John Hahn. Sounds like they were all able to connect at the Keydet Club event following the game.

Chris Whittaker checked in from the Pentagon where he is finishing up his third and final year of assignment. He is starting to contemplate life after the military and will be making his transition soon. Chris recently took over as the president of the Potomac River Chapter of The VMI Alumni Association, where he's been leading the recruiting and alumni activities for northern Virginia. Chris runs into Andy Schaaf and Dave Osborne frequently in the Pentagon and often sees Trey Wetsel, Ken Robinson, Garrett Peck and Jeff Millican at the various VMI functions.

Finally, some housekeeping issues for the class...

Please drop me a line and keep me updated on your address, phone number and current e-mail. I use a master e-mail list for my notices and updates to the class and don't want you to be left out! I can also ensure the Alumni Association has this information.

The 25th is not too far off, and I'd like to start formalizing our planning for the Reunion. Drop me an e-mail if you are interested in helping out. We'll need people to help with fundraising and the events themselves. I've hear from many of you but want to start locking this down and planning in earnest.

All for now folks...Keep the e-mails, cards and letters coming, and have a great summer!


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