Reunion Videos

10 Year Class Reunion!

Videos: There are 2 formats to chose from: ASF (Advanced Streaming Format) and MPEG. If you have the latest version of Microsoft's Windows Media Player for Windows 9x, NT or 2000, you can choose this format which is smaller and takes less time to download. However, if you don't have it or have a Mac, UNIX/Linux, or whatever box, select the MPEG format.


ASF Format
(Right-click and select "Save Target As" to download unless you have a fast access - like DSL or Cable access to play)

MPEG Format


Class Stuff


Loading Preview... Old Yell .ASF
(1,307 Kb)
Old Yell .MPEG
(2,127 Kb)
Check Presentation .ASF
(2,037 Kb)
Check Presentation .MPEG
(3,299 Kb)

Saturday Parade


Regimental Staff .ASF
(1,160 Kb)
Regimental Staff .MPEG
(1,881 Kb)
Band March By .ASF
(3,150 Kb)
Band March By .MPEG
(5,301 Kb)
Pass In Review .ASF
(1,410 Kb)
Pass in Review .MPEG
(2,433 Kb)

Football Game vs. Furman


Loading Preview... Kickoff Return .ASF
(2,274 Kb)
Kickoff Return .MPEG
(3,785 Kb)
2nd Scoring Drive .ASF
(4,674 Kb)
2nd Scoring Drive .MPEG
(10,595 Kb)


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