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Spring 2006 Class Notes


Hunter Trumbo

1900 Cool Spring Drive
Alexandria, VA 22308
Home: (703)549-5381
Work: (703)276-2221


Brother Rats,

It’s taken a couple of months, but things have finally settled down in the Trumbo house. Our new son Jackson is finally sleeping through the night, big brother Jacob has adjusted, and we’re starting to feel human again. I even managed to get out to a Washington Capitals game a few weeks ago with a group of BR’s that John Lanzillotta organized – on a weeknight no less. The group included Chip Chenery, Trey Wetsel, Mike Kimberly, and me. The Caps lost, but it was a good chance to catch up.

Dusty Crone shot me an email shortly after New Years catching me up on his life. Here’s an excerpt of an email from Dusty:

“I'm back in Richmond and now helping grow an auto finance company (NASDAQ:UPFC - if anyone wants to invest!) Still with only 2 kids (Alli 12, and Tanner 10) and not going to do that again... Spent New Years with my brothers Sandy ('93), Brady ('96), and Dad ('64) up in Maryland at Sandy's house. We had our other brother, Bill ('89) on Google talk through the computer since he is back in Italy now doing civil engineering work for the government. Brady recently had a baby girl, Sandy had his second boy, and Bill had his second girl - the Crone's have been busy. We were also informed over the holidays that our sister is now pregnant with her first!

“I still hang with Kenny Robinson a lot. He's up in Northern VA and doing very well with an investment company. Keats Wade and I touch base regularly. He's also busy with several crumb snatchers - boy how times have changed... Andy England made it in town not too long ago, but our schedules didn't allow us to get together.”

Jenn Havird updated me on the latest in Ley’s family. They welcomed a new baby girl -- Avery Dora Havird -- on 15 November 2005. Jenn says that Avery already has Ley wrapped around her little finger, but that he’s the LAST to admit it. Ley became the 51st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Commander (F-16s and A-10s) at Osan AB Republic of Korea in June of 2005. He had previously been the 51st Munitions Squadron Commander. Ley should be pinning on Lieutenant Colonel by the end of this year – congratulations sir! Next they think they’re heading to Little Rock AFB, Arkansas in June 2006 for Ley to be a squadron commander again with the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Commander for C-130s.

I had a chance to hear our BR Dan Caine speak at the Potomac River Chapter New Cadet Recruiting Dinner. Dan was able to give an audience of around 400 folks a great talk about why going to VMI changed who he was, and gave him the tools he needed to succeed in life. It really pumped up the pre-strains and current Alumni on the VMI experience.

C.J. Bodnar and I recently had a quick chat. He’s working for an engineering firm in Portsmouth, and loves what he’s doing. As he said “I’m actually using my degree,” which seems to be a novel concept these days. His firm does land development, often helping to build subdivisions. Right now he’s working on one in Smithfield. C.J. and his wife Jill have 2 kids - Ashley (5 going on 15), and Jeb (1). He’s finishing an addition to his house right now (I’ll bet being in the industry helps with that a lot). He said that he sees Todd Toler sometimes, who’s working for a construction company down that direction as well.

Trying to catch up with folks that I’ve lost touch with, I managed to find Bill Donahue’s home number in D.C., and got hold of his wife Lynn. They’re both attorneys, and Bill’s working out in Ashburn. Lynn told me that they keep in touch with Joe and Kathleen Burns who live in Ellicott City (also both attorneys).

I had a good conversation with with Chris McConnell. Last time I ran into Chris we were on a golf course near Ft. Belvoir. He had been activated for a Navy Operations job at the Pentagon. He’s back in the civilian world now, living near Solomon Island, MD in a little town called Lusby. Chris is a jeweler who primarily makes his own pieces, cutting stones and doing work as a goldsmith and a silversmith. He’s recently helped get an art gallery for local artisans started near his home, the Calvert Art Center.

The last person I spoke with before writing these notes was Chris Bish. He and Vicky are living in Dover, DE with their two kids Sara (9) and Conner (7). Chris is in the USAF Reserve, flying C-5s. The one VMI guy he sees consistently is Tom Harmon ’91, who’s also in his squadron. Chris received his Aircraft Commander certification last summer, and is flying a lot right now. Most of his free time is spent chasing the kids, but this summer the family is moving into a new home they’re building in Dover.

Well that’s about it for this issue of the Class Notes. Guys, please stay in touch. The next time you’re bored and on your PC, email me a few lines about what’s going on in your life. You guys make getting the notes in here easy – please keep them coming.



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