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Class of 1990 Tenth Reunion Fund Ends Strong

Report to Investors 1999-2000:

The following is from the Report to Investors, VMI Development Agencies, 1999-2000.  This does not include our 10-year reunion fund.  Overall, we seemed to fair pretty well with our class being the highest dollar donors for the other classes in the 1990's.

Here are the excerpts:

(p. 18) The Class of 1990 (Class Agent: Mark Dick).  By increasing the number of Brother Rats who participated in Annual Giving to 63 (19%), this class entered the final phases of its 10th Reunion Fund drive with a victory in the Win, Win, Win program.

Leadership-level gifts:

Kevin P. Handford

The General Thomas J. Jackson Order:

Kevin P. Handford
Quill O. Healey II
Charles F. Plageman
Brian D. Tate
Antonio C. Zang

The Institute Society Associate Order:

Steven R. Linder
R. Coleman Rice III
Mitchell G. Stockwell
Stephen M. Yarbrough

The Flying Squadron:

Kevin P. Handford

The Letterman Club:

Charles F. Plageman
Peter A. Tunnard

The Big Red Club:

Quill O. Healey II
Michael B. Kemp
R. Coleman Rice III

The Corps Club:

James M. Cox
Charles E. Garbett, Jr.
Michael B. Kemp
Charles F. Plageman
R. Coleman Rice III

Donors Participation Unrestricted Gifts Restricted Gifts Non-Alumni & Matching Gifts Total
63 19% $15,779 $1,610 $3,111 $20,500

Class Contributors:

Bailey, TE Barker, CB Bledsoe, JK
Bosetti, TG Byrne, GB Cabell, JB
Carson, LH Clark, RE Crist, JH
DelValle, LG Ellis, UE Farrell, LM
Faunce, ME Garbett, CE Garey, RA
Green, MO Handford, KP Havird, LB
Hearley, QO, II Herzog, S, Jr. Jacobs, TJ
Johnson, BR Johnes, HL, Jr. Kemp, MB
Kerner, TW Kluckowski, ZL Kovac, KP
Kvasnicka, A Lawrence, BN Linder, SR
Madison, WA Manning, JA Markwalter, KL
Melvin, WC, II Miller, KS Millican, JT
Minnigerode, CF Musick, KG Neff, RL, II
Northrop, TE Ober, ML Payne, RD
Peck, GC Phillips, CL Plageman, CF
Pugh, TA Ralston, MB, IV Ratliff, DB
Rhodes, CE, III Rice, RC, III Sabino, VM
Shirey, HE Stocks, SN Stockwell, MG
Taliaferro, AF Tallat-Kelpsa, PK Tate, BD
Taylor, AL, Jr. Thompson, GS Tunnard, PA
Whittaker, CJ Yarhrough, SM Zang, AC

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VMI Annual Giving
PO Box 932
Lexington, VA 24450-9983
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