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Recent BR Photo Gallery

A variety of photos from our BRs. Click on the thumbnail picture for a full-size image.

John King John King, Karl Powers and Fritz Schrichte (Added 2/24/11)
Larry "Gray" Riddick Larry "Gray" Riddick (Added 11/22/09)
Tim McLaughlin Tim McLaughlin with Chuck Smith and Matt Hemenez (Added 11/22/09)
Bob Butler (Added 3/9/09)
Chuck Ellis and Tom West (Added 3/31/08)
David Kaulfers (Added 1/6/07)
Jim Hubbard (Added 10/15/07)
Kelly Musick (Added 3/31/07)
Pete Mantz (Added 1/22/07)
Luis del Valle (Added 1/22/07)
Chip Chenery (Added 1/22/07)
John & Ruth Aydlett's Wedding (Added 1/22/07)
Chris Dixon (Added 1/22/07)
Andrew Conville (Added 10/28/06)
Ley Havird (Added 7/7/06)
Chris Whittaker (Added 7/7/06)
Pete Wick's Painting of the Cannonball (Added 11/28/05)
Lenny Carson (Added 11/28/05)
Tom Pugh (Added 8/29/05)
Tom Pugh (Added 8/29/05)
Tom Pugh (Added 8/29/05)
Chris Whittaker (Added 8/29/05)
Chris Whittaker (Added 6/6/05)
Richard Mehl (Added 4/25/05)
Richard Mehl U-2 pictures (Added 4/25/05)
Foster Taliaferro (Added 1/24/05)
Daren Payne (Added 10/24/04)
Brett Turner & Jeff Kaster (Added 1/22/04)
Brian Albro & his daughter (Added 1/22/04)
dinner.jpg (109809 bytes) Victor Sabino Wedding (Added 11/23/03)
intovmi.jpg (295516 bytes) Kevin Gallagher (Added 11/23/03)

I want my latest picture here too! If you want to post a picture here, just send me the pic(s) to me and a caption to be displayed with the picture. (Be kind to visitors and mention who is in the picture from left to right.)  Send both the picture and caption/names to rickneff@aol.com and I'll post it here.

Also, if you want your picture to appear in the Alumni Review, let me know and I'll forward it to our class agent, Hunter Trumbo, for publication.  Conversely, if you send a digital photo to him and you want it on this site, inform him in the e-mail so he can sent it to me.

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